Michael E. Donner

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A Chief Marketing, eCommerce and Digital Officer with Bid Marketing Expertise.
Industry:  Healthcare Information Technology - software, hardware and consulting.

Business Challenge:
  The Company was in a bake-off situation. The prospect had a decision committee of eight executives representing four disciplines. Each discipline had different selection criteria and the Company needed to communicate its unique value-proposition in a logical, role-specific way to better demonstrate its value-add, address perceived roadblocks and differentiate itself from the competitor's generic one-size-fits-all solution.

The Solution:  An interactive, multimedia guide was developed to organize more than 80 documents by role, enabling prospect to find relevant and compelling materials to aid their assessment. The guide provided a mechanism to present all of the required materials in a user-friendly, role-specific medium and reinforce the overall value proposition as well as the Company brand and image.


  Global Management Consulting, Technology Services and Outsourcing.

Business Challenge:
  With more than 20 companies bidding for this global outsourcing contract, the prospect decided to conduct random site visits of locations as the first step to developing a short list. The site selected by the prospect showed very poorly, and as a result, executives feared they would automatically be ruled out as a contender. 

The Solution:  A virtual site tour of all facilities included in the bid was quickly developed and produced to showcase to the prospect "what they would be missing" by making a decision based on a sole location. While the prospect only visited one location per vendor, the interactive guide provided them numerous alternatives and perspectives which they had not seen previously. As a result of the virtual tour, the Company was shortlisted as a finalist in the review.