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A Chief Marketing, eCommerce and Digital Officer with Media/Analyst Relations Expertise.

Industry:  Healthcare Information Technology - software, hardware and consulting.

Business Challenge:  The Company’s sales were stagnant and prospects were delaying purchases. The Company needed to create urgency, raise awareness of its solutions and accelerate demand.

The Solution:  A national media relations campaign was launched on the dangers of medication mistakes and how a simple, cost-effective solution could resolve this growing crisis. The Company developed a media kit, engaged media/analysts/bloggers, issued a series of strategic releases, contributed articles, social networking and secured speaking opportunities. Results included a demonstration on the Oprah Winfrey Show with Dr. Oz and Dennis Quaid and various print, online and broadcast coverage. As a result of the campaign, new qualified leads were generated and more urgency was placed on buying decisions.


   Internet Security.


Business Challenge:   The start-up was in a hyper-competitive market but struggled to differentiate itself.  The company had no social media presence or brand identity, no budget for a PR agency, and strained relationships with analysts.


The Solution:   In order to establish credibility and brand awareness, the Company launched a multifaceted thought leadership campaign.  Deliverables included press releases, regular social media outreach, quarterly global cyber attack reports, threat advisories, case studies, white papers, infographics, blogs, videos, contributed articles, technology analyst briefings, and speaking engagements.  The global campaign resulted in 800+ feature articles and dozens of cover stories, 1,250+ blogs, 10+ analyst reports and 30,000+ social media mentions.  In addition, the campaign generated more than 2,440 leads for sales and was a key marketing touch point for 63 percent of the active opportunities in the pipeline. 


Industry:  Global Cloud Software.

Business Challenge:  The Company recently completed a series of five strategic acquisitions in an entirely new market space to diversify its portfolio and services offerings. The Company needed to quickly establish relationships with key technology analysts to help legitimize its presence in this new market and secure deal referrals.

The Solution:  Within two months, researched and identified key global analyst influencers, secured an event sponsor, as well as successfully organized and held a two-day technology analyst retreat.  To establish credibility and awareness in order to secure analyst participation, an integrated campaign was launched leveraging digital marketing, social media, HTML mailers, website, collateral and aggressive pitching.  As a result of the event, the company secured seven analyst reports, 84 analyst follow-up inquires and numerous deal referrals.


Industry:  Global Management Consulting. Technology Services and Outsourcing.

Business Challenge:  To meet its business and growth objectives, the Company needed to differentiate itself in the highly-competitive and commoditized Infrastructure Management space. 

The Solution:  A strategic and innovative partnership was negotiated with Google to offer the industry's first enterprise Software-as-a-Service desktop solution. Within six weeks, new messaging, positioning and a go-to-market strategy was created along with service brochures, white papers, presentations, demos and podcasts. A three-week global media, advisor and analyst tour was booked with more than 105 face-to-face meetings.  The campaign resulted in 318 feature articles, six technology analyst reports, 619 blog postings and 15 new qualified prospect opportunities.


  Global Design, Contract Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Distribution and Fulfillment.

Business Challenge:
  In the highly-competitive high-tech job market the Company needed to transform its image from being a low-tech, printed circuit board manufacturer into a technology leader and innovator in order to attract and retain the most sought-after talent. 

The Solution:  A global media and analyst campaign was launched to enhance the image of the Company. The campaign included building a media kit, site profiles, corporate brochurecase studies, press releases, award applications and media and analyst tours. Within six months, the Company was named to the top three in Business Week's Information Tech 100 and cover stories appeared in the Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Forbes, IBD, and Fast Company in addition to more than 2,500 articles worldwide.


  Software and Consulting.

Business Challenge:
  The Company needed a cost effective way to secure third-party industry validation to legitimize its technology claims and create demand for its new product suite. 

The Solution:  A media and analyst tour was launched via webinars, podcasts and traditional face-to-face briefings. A comprehensive media kit was developed which included press releases, product evaluation toolkit with a reviewers guide, media tour presentation, feature/benefit datasheets, microsite, product collateral, customer references, white papers and Q&As. As a result of the tour, the Company secured product reviews, feature articles and analyst write-ups which were then used as premium content/calls-to-action in aggressive demand generation campaigns.


  Healthcare Information Technology - software, hardware, consulting, outsourcing and data centers.

Business Challenge:  The Company was virtually unknown by media and analysts. Only financial press releases were issued as required by SEC reporting.

The Solution:  As part of the Company relaunch media and analyst relations played a key role in establishing legitimacy. The program included developing a media kit, case studies, datasheets, white papers, building a media database, engaging media/analysts, issuing strategic news, and embarking on quarterly new product launch tours. Results included cover stories, placements of customer case studies, product announcements and top rankings in analyst reports for CPOE Physician Adoption (order-entry systems) and IT Outsourcing Services.


Industry:  Software.

Business Challenge:  With limited funds, the start-up struggled to compete against the multi-billion dollar market leader. With an upcoming release of a next-generation technology, the Company knew its future was dependent on building enough awareness to convince prospects to evaluate its software against competitive solutions.

The Solution:
  A media and analyst outreach campaign was launched. Without funds to do a traditional media and analyst tour, the Company focused on customer references and developed a user-friendly product reviewers guide to enable editors to quickly evaluate the new offering. In addition, the Company launched datasheets, whitepapers, weekly press releases and product bulletins showcasing its differentiation from existing solutions in the marketplace. The campaign resulted in three cover stories, four product reviews and two analyst write-ups. Within 12 months, sales increased from US$6 million to more than US$17 million.