Michael E. Donner

Driving Growth and Profitability
through Demand Generation, Digital and Engagement Marketing

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Michael E. Donner



Results-driven, collaborative change agent with a proven track record leading multi-disciplinary teams in Fortune 500 companies and start-ups. Conceives and implements innovative marketing, digital and engagement strategies that drive growth and profitability through demand generation with closed-loop ROI metrics. Combines in-depth knowledge of diverse vertical markets with the ability to unite sales with marketing and align activities with business objectives.



  • Define strategy, vision and value proposition
  • Product marketing, commercialization, market research, competitive analysis, pricing
  • Product/service differentiation
  • Manage product from inception to release
  • Key message development
  • Recruit, mentor, unite and motivate staff
  • Implement digital marketing, automation and CRM
  • Build customer loyalty and reduce churn
  • Build/re-launch demand generation
  • Drive digital marketing and customer engagement
  • Mobile app design, development and launch
  • Branding and marketing communications
  • Lead nurturing, campaign/pipeline tracking, ROI analysis and mobile app measurement
  • Go-to-market launches and communications
  • Behavioral marketing, search/intent and remarketing and mobile user acquisition
  • Recruit, train and manage inside sales
  • Guide crisis, corporate, financial, government and internal communications
  • SEO, social media, PR, IR and analyst relations
  • Sales enablement and collateral development
  • Negotiate alliances and channel distribution



Competitive Marketing Advantage, Ft. Lauderdale, FL/Irvine, CA                            2014 – Present

Executive consultant for strategy, marketing and demand generation. Serve as catalyst for change on a project or hired on a full-time basis, remotely or on-site.

Key Client Projects:

          Perry Ellis International  (NASDAQ: PERY)

          Interim, Chief Digital Officer
          Leading designer, distributor and licensor of 25+ high quality men's and women's brands of           apparel, accessories and fragrance lines

  • Rebuilt and relaunched e-Commerce strategy, operations, merchandising, digital, social media and marketing programs resulting in double digit revenue and margin growth YoY

          Ingram Micro (NYSE: IM)
          Interim, Executive Director, Global Cloud Marketing Leader
          Global provider cloud services, infrastructure and IoT subscriptions  (#62 in Fortune 500)

             • Oversee strategy, marketing and demand generation in 26 countries for global   
                cloud division

             • Launched integrated marketing and digital campaigns, events, product bundles and
                social engagement which resulted in 157% reseller, 414% subscription and 398% seat
                growth YoY

                • Commercialized global social and digital properties resulting in US$1M+ net new marketing
             • Crafted/launched new messaging, go-to-market strategy and B2B sales support tools for
                five new product acquisitions; announced at tech analyst event resulting in seven analyst
                reports and 39% net marketing margin
             • Designed Marketing Hub to boost collaboration, net new marketing margin and 
                reseller/vendor engagement

          MDLIVE (VC-start-up)

          Interim, Chief Marketing Officer
Provider of direct-to-consumer and B2B Telehealth services with 10+ million members
  • Grew registrations 42%, utilization 64% YoY after launching new engagement marketing  program
  • Created weekly direct-to-consumer and B2B demand generation and engagement campaigns
  • Designed, launched and authored interactive Marketing Hub with 275+ engagement materials, ready-to-go campaigns and content for clients to customize and implement in their local markets
  • Directed/managed P&L for in-house agency; produced 500+ engagement marketing jobs per quarter
  • Created B2B sales support tools, launched new SEO optimized website and social media presence

        GlobalOnePay (privately-held)

        Interim, Chief Marketing Officer
        Omni-channel payment processing technologies and merchant services

  • Consolidated multiple acquired brands and launched new disruptive company in 90 days
  • Authored new company messaging/value proposition, created go-to-market strategy, social media presence and designed and launched URL and SEO optimized responsive website with premium content
  • Built demand generation and PR infrastructure, established content and engagement marketing

BeMyDD  (privately-held)           

Interim EVP, Chief Marketing Officer
Designated driver ridesharing service in 76 cities in 31 states

  • Launched new brand and go-to-market strategy in 30 days including establishing social media channels, PR, content and engagement marketing along with a demand generation infrastructure
  • Created weekly integrated demand generation programs (PR, social media and direct response) to boost new customer acquisition, conversion and engagement; increased January 2015 sales orders 33% and new account registrations 53% YoY in historically slowest month
  • Boosted 2014 year-end results with demand generation and engagement campaigns that increased December new account sign-ups 1,014%, website traffic 74% and sales orders 38%
  • Positioned BeMyDD as alternative to Uber and Lyft resulting in 700+ media and social placements 
  • Designed, measured and optimized mobile customer acquisition strategy and funnel
  • Project managed design and build of mobile apps (iOS and Android) and enhanced customer experience with new user interface and SEO optimized responsive website design


Conversica  (VC-start-up)

Interim SVP, Chief Marketing Officer

Provider of marketing automation/sales conversion management software

  • Launched new brand, value proposition, messaging and go-to-market strategy within 60 days 
  • Designed, built and deployed a sales/marketing infrastructure for content and engagement marketing, demand generation, lead nurturing, campaign/pipeline tracking and ROI analysis
  • Implemented a marketing automation tool, an SEO optimized website and 24x7 inside sales team
  • Transitioned company from exclusive automotive focus to broader enterprise vertical markets
  • Created 199 opportunities, 1,008 qualified leads and boosted web traffic 1,119% in six months
  • Increased Salesforce.com app exchange downloads and conversions 600% in three months
  • Authored premium content, built social media and PR infrastructure and grew Salesforce chatter audience 109% via weekly integrated demand generation campaigns                             


Prolexic Technologies  (VC-start-up), Ft. Lauderdale, FL/Irvine, CA                              2011 - 2014

SVP, Chief Marketing Officer                                    
Provider of cloud-based perimeter cyber-security services

  • Developed sales/marketing strategy, messaging, value proposition, brand and competitive differentiation
  • Spearheaded marketing and inside sales which drove rapid growth, culminating in US$370 million acquisition by Akamai (NASDAQ: AKAM): US$14 million to US$70 million revenue, 44 to 220 employees and 210 to 450 clients
  • Hired as sole contributor and recruited, trained and managed 16-person marketing and inside sales team
  • Built an automated, fully-integrated website and sales/marketing infrastructure for demand generation, lead nurturing, search/intent and remarketing, campaign/pipeline tracking and ROI analysis
  • Generated 27,063 demand generation campaign registrations (1,265 deals) in 2013 vs. 6,222 in 2012 (232 deals)
  • Created 187 opportunities in 2013 vs. 61 in 2012 from inside sales efforts which added US$24 million to pipeline in 2013 vs. US$6.2 million in 2012
  • Launched demand generation in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish
  • Created 80 direct response campaigns generating 125 opportunities and US$16.28 million pipeline growth in 2013
  • Increased inbound leads from call center: 6,682 in 2013 vs. 3,124 in 2012, generating a 27.3x ROI on investment
  • Increased website visits: average 82,035/month in 2013 vs. 25,000/month in 2012
  • Optimized Google AdWords program: conversions 3,976 in 2013 vs. 1,069 in 2012, cost of conversions US$140.61 in 2013 vs. US$317.93 in 2012 and 144,349 clicks in 2013 vs. 70,701 in 2012
  • Increased social media followers in 2013 vs. 2012 on Twitter (5,674 vs. 112), LinkedIn (1,252 vs. 216), Facebook (268 vs. 0), YouTube (186 vs. 0), and Google+ (199 vs. 0), which boosted pipeline by US$1.2+ million 
  • Initiated in-house PR/analyst/social media program resulting in 800+ feature articles, 10+ analyst reports, 1,250+ blogs and 60,000+ social media mentions
  • Launched SEO initiative resulting in 24 top keywords on first-page of Google searches in 2013, compared with zero in 2012


Competitive Marketing Advantage, Ft. Lauderdale, FL/Irvine, CA                                2008 – 2011

Executive consultant for strategy, marketing and demand generation. Served as catalyst for change on a project or hired on a full-time basis, remotely or on-site.

Key Client Projects:

Tech Data

Interim VP, Marketing Services & TDAgency
US$24.4 billion information technology distributor

  • Directed and managed US$60+ million division and P&L for 75+ person, full-service, B2B channel-focused, advertising/marketing/demand generation agency with blue chip client list: Acer, Apple, Avaya, EMC, HP, IBM, McAfee, Microsoft, Oracle, Sage, Sony, Symantec, Toshiba, VMWare and Xerox
  • Launched new value proposition, go-to-market strategy and market discovery consulting programs
  • Launched strategic Market Discovery consulting program to uncover additional value and opportunities to help clients grow channel revenues and optimize global reach
  • Expanded agency offerings to include SEO, closed-loop demand generation and ROI tracking
  • Secured 104% revenue and profitability growth targets for agency in Q4FY10
  • Generated US$17.5 million in new business in first quarter of re-launch


Thales  (Paris: HO)

Interim VP, Marketing and Inside Sales
US$16.2 billion provider of encryption hardware, software and services

  • Created, hired and launched an integrated marketing and inside sales organization
  • Redefined value propositions and demand generation for existing products and new markets
  • Built US$5.2 million pipeline within first three quarters of launching three-person inside sales team
  • Generated 7.27-18.68% conversion rates on bi-weekly demand generation campaigns


IntelliDOT Corporation  (VC-start-up)

Interim VP, Marketing and Inside Sales
Provider of healthcare IT software, hardware and services

  • Generated 569 qualified leads in six months, resulting in US$42.6 million pipeline growth
  • Reduced cost per lead from US$3,027 to less than US$125 (US$7 for e-marketing)
  • Added US$10.9 million to pipeline within first quarter of implementing inside sales, delivered 7.8% qualified response and reduced sales acquisition costs by US$2 million
  • Developed business strategy with operational sales/marketing program to penetrate critical access market, managing P&L and building pipeline with deals averaging 61% margin
  • Secured product demo on the Oprah Winfrey Show with Dr. Oz and Dennis Quaid  


Capgemini  (PNK: CAP.PA), Paris, France/Boca Raton, FL                                              2006 – 2008

VP, Global Head, Demand Generation            
€7.7 billion provider of consulting, technology and outsourcing solutions

  • Created strategy, business plan and managed tactical launch for demand generation service center operated as a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) P&L to reduce spend by €2.7 million in 12 months   
  • Added €1.2 billion to pipeline by establishing channel sales to target advisor-led pursuits 
  • Developed strategy and tactical launch for Google Apps service which generated coverage in 900+ outlets
  • Launched NA BPO business in 30 days with 70 media briefings, campaign added €1.3 billion to sales pipeline
  • Built global demand generation strategy and facilitated adoption/localization in the Americas, Europe and Asia/Pacific


Eclipsys Corporation  (NASDAQ: MDRX), Boca Raton, FL                                            2004 – 2006

SVP, Chief Marketing Officer         
US$383 million provider of healthcare IT technology, outsourcing and services

  • Streamlined overall marketing spend and grew pipeline 45% with integrated demand generation initiatives
  • Launched new brand image, repaired external reputation and introduced product marketing
  • Spearheaded initiatives which enabled company to achieve profitability within 12 months with a 24% increase in revenues and a net income of US$485,000 versus a US$32.6 million loss one year earlier
  • Transitioned from laggard position to market leader in IT outsourcing and CPOE physician adoption
  • Reduced company investment in four-day user conference by 92%, 1,200 attendees, generated US$818,000 in registration fees (36% increase) and US$297,500 in partner sponsorships (20% increase)


Telelogic AB  (NYSE: IBM), Irvine, CA/Malmö, Sweden                                                 2001 – 2004

Corp. VP, Global Marketing & Communications     
US$117 million provider of application development software

  • Integrated five diverse corporate/product acquisitions into a single brand and product portfolio
  • Spearheaded initiatives which enabled the Americas division to increase contribution margin 300% (turned a US$1.9 million loss to a US$4 million profit) and reduced expenses 51% (US$10.4 to US$5.1 million)
  • Transitioned company from point product to integrated solution suite sales (60% of bookings)
  • Diversified product portfolio from 48% telecom to military/aerospace 31%, telecom 30%, finance/banking/insurance 7% and automotive 7%
  • Recruited, established and managed budget and P&L for nine-member, India-based, multi-lingual inside sales team which generated 2,000+ leads, booking US$2 million in revenue in first year
  • Motivated and managed 44-person team in 14 countries and oversaw budget in nine currencies


Additional Marketing Achievements



Babson College School of Management, Wellesley, MA       
Bachelor of Science (With Distinction) – Dean’s List           

Majors: Marketing, Management and International Business

Sohopfungsbeitrag Preis Award – for the most creative contribution and innovative impact to Babson